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Great Ways To Save Money on Gas

Posted on 6/8/2017 by Assurance Auto Group

With gas prices constantly rising I know its becoming more and more expensive to travel. It gets to a point where even the most local trips are becoming a hassle on your gas tank. After much research I have finally found a few fuel efficient ways that can save you big bucks on gas. 


Warm Your Car Up For Shorter Periods of Time

I have found after much research that with the more modern technology that's built in the newer vehicles, you don't have to warm them up as long as you would warm up the older models.  For most vehicles all you need is about 30 seconds to warm up your vehicle and you are good to go. Now for the extra cold days you may need up to 1 minutes to get the engine warmed up, so be careful not to warm up the car for too long. Its only an added expense on gas.


Slow Down and Drive Steady

Of course its obvious that when you are accelerating the vehicle it will definitely increase your fuel consumption. What I have also found is that you can also burn extra fuel by driving too slow. With the newer models, most reach optimal fuel economy at around 55 mph. That means you get the most from you gas tank when you drive at a steady pace right around the speed limit. Driving too fast or too slow could cost you big bucks on gas. Also remember not to accelerate or break too hard as that can be hard on your fuel economy as well.    




Find The Right Gas Station 

Finding the right gas station plays a major role in how much money you spend on fuel. One thing that may help is to start searching for affordable gas stations before your tank is too low, so you don't have to rush and get expensive gas just because its the only one available when you need gas quick. A lot of times you will find that most department stores, grocery stores, and even wholesale clubs will have discounted prices on gas just to get you to come inside the store and buy more things. On the other hand the service stations that have an auto repair shop on site will have more expensive gas. If you can avoid the gas stations right off the highway, they are also a bit pricey with fuel. It may be cost saving to try and drive a little further into town.


Use The AC Wisely 

Knowing when and when not to use your AC will also play a role in you saving money on fuel. When you are sitting in stop and go traffic or just cruising around town at speeds under 45 mph, its better to just roll down the windows and let the cool breeze fly in. But when you are going at faster speeds, the drag from the window will start to become a problem with fuel economy. At this point it will be more cost saving to just roll up the windows and let the AC blow. 




Lose The Weight 

The idea here is to try and make your vehicle as light as possible. Carrying around too  many things in your vehicle interferes with your car's aerodynamics which also interferes with the fuel mileage on the vehicle. This means that anything you don't absolutely need to carry around with you get it out of your car. Clean out your trunk or cargo area of any unnecessary items. Anything that you may have on the rooftop, for instance a bike rack, that is not being used, remove it all together because it does effect the amount of fuel that is being used for each trip.


Car Maintenance 

One thing you want to always check for is the pressure in your tires are properly inflated so that you can reduce the friction. Under inflation can in tires can be bad for your gas mileage so to make sure you are getting the most for your money check your tire pressure. You may also find that scheduling regular tune ups for your vehicle to make sure that the engine is running at its best, as well as changing all the filters. You want to make sure that you are checking the oil and putting the right kind of oil in your vehicle.And the most important thing is to make sure that you purchase a fuel efficient vehicle when car shopping. 




Combining all of these together will ensure that you are getting the most gas mileage out of your vehicle. You may also want to try other things such as car pooling, or running all your errands at one time to avoid cranking your car too many times. Even if you only try one or two of the items listed above you should still see less trips to the gas station.